Happy Christmas!

It has been a quiet Christmas at Windy Hill Farm. This is the year we visit the children sometime during the season because we had everyone here for Thanksgiving. So we are enjoying Christmas with our fur and feathered friends. The day began with being mobbed with kisses from our beautiful dogs!

Excitement ruled the day!

Caitlin proved to be a real party girl. She ripped off the wrapping on every present and thoroughly enjoyed getting the squeakers out of both her toys and Sadie’s. Sadie was a bit more sedate, but when the time came for kisses both dogs were enthusiastic at something they do the very best! Even the cats were excited and opened their own gifts of a catnip mouse each.

We have been blessed with a few days of deliciously warm weather and the chickens have been loving it! They have been outdoors from dawn to dusk every day, nibbling on green grass and basking in the sun. I had bought them a Hot Cake from Tractor Supply, but it did not seem like a warm weather treat for Christmas. So I hollowed out a couple of apples and filled the centers with a cornmeal/peanut butter mixture and pressed a few dried cranberries and sunflower seeds on top. All this in a shallow pan of chopped kale and fresh cranberries. They enjoyed it very much!

So Happy Christmas from Daisy Sunshine and me! Hope you have some quiet time as well to count your blessings and treasure time spent with loved people, and your fur and feathered friends.

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