Happy Christmas!

It has been a quiet Christmas at Windy Hill Farm. This is the year we visit the children sometime during the season because we had everyone here for Thanksgiving. So we are enjoying Christmas with our fur and feathered friends. The day began with being mobbed with kisses from our beautiful dogs!

Excitement ruled the day!

Caitlin proved to be a real party girl. She ripped off the wrapping on every present and thoroughly enjoyed getting the squeakers out of both her toys and Sadie’s. Sadie was a bit more sedate, but when the time came for kisses both dogs were enthusiastic at something they do the very best! Even the cats were excited and opened their own gifts of a catnip mouse each.

We have been blessed with a few days of deliciously warm weather and the chickens have been loving it! They have been outdoors from dawn to dusk every day, nibbling on green grass and basking in the sun. I had bought them a Hot Cake from Tractor Supply, but it did not seem like a warm weather treat for Christmas. So I hollowed out a couple of apples and filled the centers with a cornmeal/peanut butter mixture and pressed a few dried cranberries and sunflower seeds on top. All this in a shallow pan of chopped kale and fresh cranberries. They enjoyed it very much!

So Happy Christmas from Daisy Sunshine and me! Hope you have some quiet time as well to count your blessings and treasure time spent with loved people, and your fur and feathered friends.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Chicken Wreath
which I learned how to make on Tilly’s Nest.com

So I wrote this poem the first Christmas with my chickens. I hope you enjoy it and can adapt the verse to your own flock. A very merry Christmas to you and to all you chicken lovers out there! There is nothing to compare with the love of a feathered friend. Hen or rooster. These lovely ladies have changed my life and have given me a completely different perspective of one’s relationship with animals that are mostly considered prey or meat animals by so many in our jaded culture. In saying that, I do not mean to criticize those who raise animals for meat, treat them honorably and humanely, but I will never participate in our country’s factory farming which is such a great contributor to global warming and causes untold suffering for animals. So imagine, just for once that your little flock is composed of individual beings, spirit souls, who possess real personalities and are so much more aware than most people realize. What must Christmas Eve be like for them? Imagine its SO lovely to just imagine, a different world where magic IS possible)


T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the coop

Not a chicken was stirring

Not even Miss Roo.

The chickies were nestled

All snug on their roost

With visions of sunflower seeds, and oatmeal

Giving them a nice boost.

While Daddy in his long johns

And I in my wrap

Had just settled down under

our fluffy quilt

For a long winter’s nap.

When out in the chicken house

There arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed to see

What was the matter!

Away to the screen porch I flew with so swift

Wishing I had a web cam on my xmas list!

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow

Put a shiver down my spine — the temps were zero!

When what to my wondering eyes did I sense

But a miniature wood elf

Unhooking the electric fence!

HIs cheeks were all rosy

He was dressed all in green

A more magical sight

I have ne’er before seen!

A bundle of lights he had slung on his back

And I could see treat balls loaded into his pack.

He spoke not a word but smiled with a sneer

Then said, “We mustn’t forget chickies —

Its THEIR Christmas too, my dear!”

He sprang to the roof of our little garden coop,

Quickly strung all the lights

Then turned with a swoop

Hung little chickie stockings in the run

All in a row

Tossed in all the treat balls, tied up with a bow!

With a snap of his fingers the lights began to glow

And down came the chickens

Strutting all in a row.

Henrietta, Buffy, Yellow Feet and Miss Roo

Don’t you know!

They fluffed all their feathers

Clucked approval with a glance

And we all joined our chickens

In a Christmas Chicken Dance!!

The wood elf just giggled as he re-hooked the fence,

But I heard him exclaim as he pranced on his legs

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all Scrambled Eggs!”