And So It Begins

My writing desk

And so it begins. Coffee on the left ready for my hand to grip and lift. Notebooks stacked on my right – even a tentative schedule I made last year penciled in. Wondrous new lamp set at just the right angle so the shadow of my hand falls behind the curved signature of my fingers curled around the pen. I am ready to begin again because the only way I can push the darkness back is with my heart and my pen. And so it has always been done.

Outside my window is the grace of snow. Pure white crystal flakes, blue in the moonlight of a nearly full wolf moon. The air is cold. Freezing. And school is on a two hour delay. All is silent awaiting the dawn and the return of the light. First snow of the winter yesterday. We quickly got four inches as the fluffy flakes poured down and piled high for several hours. I marveled again how snow can bring a silence which calms the angry world and covers every muddy corner with a promise. Oh, how I wish that promise would come true.

Yesterday, as night fell on this magical landscape I pulled on my boots and winter coat – no need for a hat or scarf because it was so still and not really cold – just 30 degrees or so. I took a walk under the moon-lit sky. Each branch was lined with a border of snow and the tall pines bordering our meadow wore lacy shawls draped over each evergreen bough. On the sumac tree each berry filled cone wore a conical cap of snow – a whole troupe of jolly elf dancers, frozen in silent time frame. The sky was that blue that only comes on a snowy evening. It has a depth that makes me believe I could dive into it like the ocean.

Hello, Wolf Moon!

One lone star lifts it radiance high above the treetops, causing me to pause to repeat the old childhood incantation: “Star light, star bright. First star I’ve seen tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” And what do I wish for? Each day my wish list goes longer and longer: Peace. Above all Peace on earth. Peace, please God, peace. Peace in the hearts of all people. Peace like this snowy landscape which causes me and hopefully everyone around me here to pause, take in the beauty and realize how very healing our world can be if we would just Let It Heal and Leave It Alone. Stop playing with war and embrace the blessings of peace.

This is the January page from my new mini Susan Branch calendar.

Faith is the bird that sings within my heart and reminds me to stop wishing so very hard and rest in silence. So in my new beginning, may it be so. May you enjoy quiet moments of reflection and peace in this, the new year.